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Be Continued Michigan 2020

Forms, Permits & Applications

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Building Department
Clerk's Office
Tax Forms
Legal Department
Community and Economic Development
Engineering Department

Building Department

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for major structural changes and renovations as well as new construction and demolition. At this time, permits are not required for siding or windows, as long as no other major modification is underway. Please remember that building materials must be disposed of correctly, utilizing dumpsters or other vehicles which are privately transferred to appropriate landfills.

Contact us by email or phone: (313) 252-0050, ext. 209

  Building Permit
  Concrete Permit
  Contractor Registration
  Contractor Registration II
  Deck Construction Guide
  Electrical Permit
  Fee Schedule details and policies
  Fence Permit
  Fire Alarm Application
  Fire Suppression Application
  Furnace Inspection
  Handout Chart
  Highland Park Fees
  Highland Park Non-Owner Occupied Certificate
  Hiring a Contractor
  Homeowner Affidavit
  Mechanical Permit
  Plumbing Permit
  Returned Permit Form
  Sign Permit
  Vinyl Siding

When is a permit needed?
A permit is required for all construction, remodeling and maintenance except those items classified as “Normal Maintenance” in the codes. Typical projects requiring permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Additions
  • Demolitions
  • Electrical systems and services
  • Exterior concrete
  • Exterior siding
  • Miscellaneous residential including fireplaces, pools, decks & garages.
  • New buildings
  • Plumbing systems- heating, ventilating & air conditioning.
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Renovations
  • Replacement of furnace or air conditioning.
  • Replacement roof and/or shingles
  • Replacement of water heaters
  • Replacement of windows
  • Residential sheds over 200 square feet.

Normal Maintenance
The following repairs are considered normal maintenance if they are not part of a structural addition or remodel:

  • Painting
  • Repair of broken windows
  • Repair of faucets
  • Replacement of individual electric switches or outlets.
  • Replacement of kitchen cabinets with no structural, drywall, plumbing or electrical changes.
  • Tuckpointing of masonry

Clerk's Office

  Absent Voter Ballot Application
  Election Inspector Application
  Mail-In Voter Registration Form
  Temporary Street Closing Application
  Business License Application
  Business Certificate of Occupancy Application

Tax Forms

 2020 HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2020 HP-1040 Individual Tax Booklet and Instructions
 2020 HP-Application for Extension of Time and Instructions
 2020 HP-TC Part Year Resident Tax Calculation Form
 2020 HP-1040ES Estimated Tax  for Individuals Instructions
 2020 HP-1040ES Estimated Tax  for Individuals Quarterly Coupons
 2020 HP-1049PV Payment Voucher
 2020 HP 1040 X - AMENDED Individual  Income Tax Return Form and Instructions
 2021 HP-1040 Quarterly Estimated Tax for Individuals

 2020 HP-1065 Partnership Return Form
 2020 HP-1065 Partnership Return Instructions
 2020 HP-1120 Corporation Return and Instructions
 2020 HP-6 Notice of Business Change or Discontinuance​ Form
 2020 HP-SS-4 New Business Registration & Employer's Witholding Registration Form and Instructions

Payroll Withholder
 2020 HPW-4 Employee Withholding Certificate
 2020 HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Instructions
 2020 HP-941-501 & HPW-3 Quarterly Coupons
 2020 HP-941 Monthly Coupons
 2021 HP-941 & W-3 Instructions
 2021 HP-941 & W-3 Quarterly Payment Vouchers

Prior Year HP-1040
 2019 HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2018HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2017HP-1040 Form and Instructions
 2016HP-1040 Form and Instructions
2015HP-1040 Residential and Non Residential Tax
2014HP-1040 Form and Instructions

For additional information, call (313) 800-5233 ext. 363
Send completed forms, schedules and documentation to:

City of Highland Park
Income Tax Division
PO Box 239
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0239


Employment Forms

  Employment Application
  Police Employment Application

Legal Department

  Animal Complaint Form
  Citizen Claim Form
  FOIA Request Form

Community and Economic Development

Rental Registration

  Non-owner Occupied Certificate Program Vacant Property
  Rental Application
  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application

Vacant Property

Vacant Property Registration

Purchase/Transfer of Land and/or Property - Policy and Forms

Offer to Purchase Policy
RESIDENT Offer To Purchase Application
NON - RESIDENT Commercial Offer to Purchase Policy
 Property Transfer Affidavit
 Principle Residence Exemption Application (PRE) Affidavit

Film Policy

New Film Policy   (Highland Park welcomes your film production).

Developer Intake Form

Developer Intake Form

Developers interested in purchasing and/or developing City owned land/property are to complete and return the Developer Intake form and include all the required documents per the instructions.

Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application

Review & Approval must be granted by the City prior to the erection of any sign in the City of Highland Park. For review and approval please complete and submit the Sign Application to the Department of Community & Economic Development.

Zoning Requests

Zoning Application

Complete and submit the Zoning Application to the Department of Community & Economic Development with the required documents per instructions for the following requests:

  • Variance Request
  • Zoning code interpretation
  • Special Land Use
  • Zoning Ordinance amendment hearings
  • Lot split/Combination
  • Alley or Street Vacations
  • Ruling Appeals
  • (Any conditions or use changes or amendments to the City's zoning)

Please note that all non-administrative requests will require review of application and recommendation to the Zoning Board by the Planning Commission. Changes in the Zoning code will also require a public notification and hearing.

Poverty Exemption

Poverty Exemption Application
Flyer - 2021 March Board of Review

Engineering Department

Commercial Site Plan Approval Application
Engineering Department Fee Schedule