Highland Park is a community rich in heritage. It is the birthplace of the Model T, mass production and the first paved mile of highway. Like many communities across America, Highland Park is discovering new possibilities as it reinvents itself in the post-industrial age. Over $300 million in new commercial, industrial and residential development has been invested in the city in the last decade, positioning Highland Park as a vibrant community for the future.

There are 300 businesses in Highland Park which benefit from the city's central location to metro Detroit. Highland Park boasts immediate access to three major expressways - the Chrysler (I-75), Lodge (M-10), and Davison (M-8) - as well as Woodward Avenue, Michigan's main street and National Scenic Byway, which runs through the city.

New commercial possibilities along Woodward allow businesses to join 35 other national and regional retailers successfully operating in thriving Highland Park Place and the Model T Plaza, national models of urban redevelopment.

Date Incorporated, 1918
Area (Square Miles), 2.96

Population Education
Total Population    11,776 High School graduate or higher     64%
Under 18 years     29.1%  2003 Enrollment (K-12)     3,930
18 to 34     21.7% (Highland Park School District)
35 to 64     34.7% Employment Profile
65 and over     14.5% Labor Force     6,525
Median Age (2000)     34.5 Unemployment Rate     22%
(US Census) Major Employers
Population by Decade Budco
City of Highland Park Population Chart Coca-Cola
Calumet Center
Diversified Chemical
Eastown Distributors
General Wine & Liquor
Guardian Armored Security
Housing JL Automotive
Households     6,199 Lakeshore Engineering
Person per Household     2.6 Micro Rim
Housing Units     7,249 Park Geriatric Village
Vacant Units     1,050 Ryder Integrated Logistics
Owner Occupied Units     38.6% School District of Highland Park
Renter Occupied Units     61.4% Snethkamp Chrysler Jeep
Single Parent Households     1,267 Wayne Metro Community Action Agency
Two Parent Households     441 Income-1999
Median Housing Value     $49,800 Per Capita Income, $12,121
Range of 2003 Sales     $50,000 to $159,500 Median Household Income, $17,737
National Historic Districts (4th lowest in Michigan)
Medbury-Grovelawn, Highland Heights  
Local Tax Rates - 2004  
Residents, 2% For More Information
Non-Residents, 1% City of Highland Park, (313) 252-0050
Property Document Sources
Homestead, 50.54 mills/$1,000 HP Devco, Inc., "Highland Park Community Profile"
Non-Homestead, 68.54 mills/$1,000 School District of the City of Highland Park, "Demographics"


Note: All data from Census 2000 unless otherwise noted.

HP Devco, Inc., "Highland Park Community Profile"
 School District of the City of Highland Park, "Demographics"