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The mission of the City of Highland Park City Treasurer’s Office is to provide knowledgeable and courteous customer assistance for residents, businesses and visitors.

The City Treasurer is an Elective Officer, in which the term of office is four years as established by Section 4-1 of the Charter of the City of Highland Park. The City Treasurer Department is established by Section 7-7 of the Charter of the City of Highland Park. The current City Treasurer is Janice Taylor Bibbs.


Currently, the Treasurer’s Office is responsible for collection of all City’s revenue and account for all revenue belonging to or being held in trust by the City. All funds collected by city agencies are transmitted to the Treasurer, where they are verified, deposited and entered in the City’s financial records.

The major function of the department is tax billing and collection of Current Property Taxes. Along with property taxes is the billing and collection of the City’s Special Assessment – Delinquent Water. Delinquent Personal Property Taxes records are maintained by the department, with billing and collection enforcement. The Treasurer’s Office maintenance of name and address files for billing purposes.

General Tax Bill Information

Property Taxes are billed twice a year, Summer Taxes are billed July 1st and they are due August 15th. The city also offers the option to pay the Summer Taxes in two half, if the first half is paid by July 31st and the second half or balance due by October 31st. The Winter Taxes are billed December 1st and due by February 14th. Bills are mailed to both homeowner and homeowner’s mortgage company. Acknowledgement copy of the tax bills are sent to homeowners with mortgages for informational purposes. It is therefore very important that homeowners keep us informed if:

  • A refinancing has occurred and a change in mortgage company is involved
  • The mortgage was sold to another lender
  • The mortgage has been paid off
  • The home is sold
  • Change in mailing address

Please, do not rely on the mortgage company, new or former lender to relay this information. State law holds the homeowner responsible for making sure taxes are paid.

Delinquent Real Property Taxes

Delinquent taxes can be checked here, or call Wayne County Treasurer at (313) 224-5990.


Tony Lampkin
Deputy City Treasurer
(313) 252-0050 ext. 228