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Highland Park is governed under the council-mayor form of government wherein an elected mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer of the city, and the council is legislative body. The mayor appoints city officers such as the city attorney, the director of community and economic development, finance director, and the water department director, though, the council has the power to refuse or accept the appointments.

The city council consist of five members elected at-large who serve terms of four years. The highest vote-getter becomes council president for that term.

Highland Park is a city in Wayne County in the State of Michigan.  The population was 11,776 at the 2010 Census. 
The city is completely surrounded by Detroit except for a small portion that touches the city of Hamtramck, which is also surrounded by Detroit. - Wikipedia

The city of Highland Park is drastically changing. The Community and Economic Development is working closely with other governing entities, such as the State of Michigan and Wayne County, and also partners with the Highland Park Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA). Highland Park is transforming every day and is aiming to prevent urban deterioration and encourage economic development.

Highland Park is a community rich in heritage. Like many communities across America, Highland Park is discovering new possibilities as it reinvents itself in the post-industrial age. Over $300 million in new commercial, industrial and residential development has been invested in the city in the last decade, positioning Highland Park as a vibrant community for the future.

There are 300 businesses in Highland Park, which benefit from the city's central location to metro Detroit. The new commercial possibilities along Woodward Avenue allow businesses to join 35 other successfully operating national and regional retailers - City of Highland Park, Community & Economic Development.

See the City Charter for more details on the City’s government structure

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