12050 Woodward Avenue
Highland Park, MI   48203-3578



The mission of the City of Highland Park Law Department is to deliver excellent and proficient legal counsel and representation to the City, its officers, and employees. Such legal counsel and representation includes provision of advice and opinions; preparation of legislative ordinances and resolutions; prosecution and defense of all legal actions for and against the City; prosecution of charter and City ordinance violations; and preparation and/or approval of all City contracts, bonds and other written instruments.

The City of Highland Park Law Department is established by Section 7-5 of the Charter of the City of Highland Park. The administrative head of the Law Department is the City Attorney, William Ford who is appointed by, and directly responsible to, the mayor.

The City Attorney manages all civil litigation for the City; serves as chief legal advisor to the City Council and attends its meetings; advises officers, departments and boards in matters relating to their official duties; defends the City’s officers and employees in all actions that may be brought against them for acts done in the performance of their duties; and conducts such other actions in court and before other legally constituted tribunals as directed by the mayor.

The City’s Law Department is involved in the regulation of City liquor licenses, the preparation of development agreements and contracts, and the processing of Freedom of Information Act requests. In collaboration with the Police Department and Code Enforcement, the City Attorney prosecutes misdemeanors and civil infractions in 30th District Court and works to insure that people convicted of criminal or civil violations pay their share of fines and costs.