Highland Park Animal Control is part of the Police Department. Animal Control officers respond to residents' requests for services including:

  • Maintain public safety by enforcing all animal laws, ordinances and humane care regulations.
  • Responds to and handles animals sick, injured or in distress, both domestic and wild.
  • Investigates reports of abuse or neglect, including animal hoarding. 
  • Responds to stray animal complaints and reports of animals at large. 
  • Investigates and handles all animal bites, both domestic and wild. 

For further information regarding animal concerns/complaints, call Highland Park Animal Control at 313-852-7338.

Licensing of Dog

To license your dog, you can come to city hall at 12050 Woodward or start the process online at Online Dog License Application

Missing Cat / Dog

If you find a cat or dog, or if your cat or dog is missing, call and report it to Animal Control at 313-852-7338 EXT 499 during regular business hours of 10:00am - 6:00pm.

The Michigan Humane Society

The City of Highland Park does not maintain a shelter for animals picked up by Animal Control. These animals are transported to the Michigan Humane Society. Please check the Michigan Humane Society - Berman Center for Animal Care website for hours of operation. When attempting to reclaim your animal from the shelter, be prepared to provide proper animal ownership documentation such as vet records and photos.

The Michigan Humane Society
900 N Newburgh Road
(1/2 Mile South of Ford Road)
Westland, MI 48185
Phone: 734-721-7300

Frequently Asked Questions

Highland Park Animal Control Officers enforce the ordinances that deal with animals. Animal Control Officers also advise and assist citizens on subjects dealing with wildlife and public safety matters.

Animal Control is located inside the Police Department. 14112 Woodward

Not necessarily. Dogs must be under reasonable control. Basically, this means that if your dog can be controlled by a voice command, this is considered reasonable control. If your dog does not listen and does not respond to voice command, there is no reasonable control.

No. All dogs (and cats) must be on a leash in a City park. In addition, any animal feces must be removed by the owner.

No. It shall be unlawful for the owner or any other person having the possession, custody, care or control thereof to permit any cat to be at large upon the public walks, parks, or any other public place within the City, or upon any private property within the City without the permission of the owner or occupant of such private property.

Three dogs and/or three cats on your premises.

Yes dogs. Cats No.

You need a current Rabies Certificate from your veterinarian for all cats and dogs over four months of age. You can take the certificate either to the City Clerk's office in City Hall, and for a fee, you can purchase a license.

The City of Highland Park has a contract with the Michigan Humane Society and we take all stray and wild animals there.

Wild animals are free-roaming and are not considered a public problem unless they are obviously sick, injured or in distress. Animal Control cannot transport healthy wildlife. If you encounter sick, injured or distressed animals, please contact Animal Control. You do not need to hire a pest control company.

If the incident occurs call 313-852-7338 and an animal bite report will be recorded. Any medical reports should be included with the bite report.

Yes, but only if the owner calls and reports the animal missing. The Police Department keeps a record of the lost animal and will also keep a record of found animals if they are called in.

No. You must call your own Pest control removal service.

Does the Police Department pick up lost or dead animals? No. Animal Control picks up lost animals. The Sanitation Department picks up dead animals on the roadway. Call the Sanitation Department at 313-865-8671.