The Highland Park Police Department(HPPD) utilizes license plate readers is able to enhance it's law enforcement capabilities through advanced technology. License plate readers are devices that use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically capture and record license plate information from vehicles passing by. This technology helps HPPD in several ways:

  1. Enhancing crime prevention: License plate readers allow HPPD to quickly identify vehicles involved in criminal activities, such as stolen cars or vehicles linked to ongoing investigations. By automatically scanning and comparing license plate numbers against law enforcement databases, officers can be alerted if a suspicious vehicle is detected, enabling them to take proactive measures to prevent crime.
  2. Assisting in investigations: License plate readers provide valuable investigative leads by capturing and storing data on the movements of vehicles. This information can be used to establish timelines, track suspects' whereabouts, and identify patterns related to criminal activities. By analyzing the data collected from license plate readers, HPPD can gather crucial evidence and make significant progress in solving cases.
  3. Enhancing public safety: License plate readers contribute to public safety by identifying vehicles associated with Amber Alerts, missing persons, or individuals with outstanding warrants. This enables HPPD to quickly locate and apprehend individuals who pose a potential threat to public safety.
  4. Improving traffic enforcement: License plate readers can also be used to enforce traffic laws and enhance traffic safety. By automatically scanning license plates, HPPD can identify vehicles with expired registration, outstanding parking tickets, or other violations. This helps in enforcing traffic laws more efficiently and encourages compliance among motorists.
  5. Supporting data-driven decision making: The data collected from license plate readers can be analyzed to identify crime hotspots, patterns, and trends. This information enables HPPD to allocate resources effectively, deploy officers strategically, and implement targeted crime prevention strategies. By leveraging the power of data analytics, HPPD can make informed decisions to improve public safety.

Automated License Plate Readers Policy

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