12050 Woodward Avenue
Highland Park, MI   48203-3578

Human Resource and Labor Relations
Kera Lyons

Phone: 313-252-0050 ext. 241


The Human Resources Department is generally responsible for all personnel activities after an individual is employed by the City of Highland Park. The duties and responsibilities of the Human Resources Department are as follows:

Labor Relations

Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan

Responsible for negotiating all union contracts, contract interpretation, and administration. Responsible for administration of the various problem resolution and grievance procedures, dealing with union as well as non-union employees.


All employee benefits are administered in the Human Resources Department, including health insurance, retirement, workers' compensation and disability, life insurance and unemployment insurance.

Wage and Salary Administration

Responsible for the development and maintenance of all of the City’s various wage and salary programs (union, non bargaining unit, seasonal, and part-time). The Human Resource Department's responsibilities include the administration of and establishing rates of pay for all City’s positions, and maintaining salary records for all employees, including longevity.


Responsible for the posting of all open positions, selection and the interview process with the appropriate department head.

Other Responsibilities

In addition to the above, several other areas of responsibilities include disciplinary matters (together with the City’s Attorney and the appropriate department head), and the establishment, administration, and enforcement of all personnel policies (for example, harassment and discrimination, workplace violence, drug and alcohol testing, time and attendance, and all other policies regarding employee conduct.) This department also administers the City’s employment programs (i.e. all seasonal employees.) Human Resources controls a picture ID program, and conducts new employee orientations. Employee counseling, unemployment requests, and EEOC reports are also headed by this department.


Human Resources Department is responsible for all safety matters and workman’s comp issues.