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Be Continued Michigan 2020

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Thank you participants in our All Star Citywide event - Now the real work begins

Thank you to our volunteers and canvassers who participated in our All Star Citywide event this past Saturday!! We were able to deploy to over 2000 households to kickoff to September 30th which is our last day to count the Census!! 
Congratulations to the J Team for winning the All Star Census Canvass Contest! We will post pictures to our @HighlandParkCensus2020 Facebook Page- make sure to follow on Facebook.

Thank you to our Sponsors

U.S. Regional Census, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans Office, 13th Congressional District Office of Hon. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib,City of Highland Park, Soulardarity, Oak Street Health, WNUC 96.7FM, Parker Village, LGBT Detroit

Thank you to our Speakers
Thank you to our Speakers: Helena Yago, 2020 Highland Park City Census Chair, Hon. Rashida Tlaib, U.S. Representative, 13th Congressional District, Hon. Carlton Clyburn, City Council President, City of Highland Park,Hon. Martha G. Scott, Wayne County Commissioner, 3rd District

Now the real work begins- a grassroots effort is needed from all who can participate!-I cannot do it alone. 

We are at a 45.8% percentile ranking and need to get our count up and out of the Hard to count category. 
Remember we will not receive any more Census dollars until 2031- this is literally the difference between the major reason why Highland Park did not receive COVID-19 funding this year- it was due to our low Census count. 
Hundreds of Parkers had COVID-19 and we lost 22 to death so far. We simply will not get our roads, medical support, educational support, public infrastructure support without a higher count. 
If you are a community leader, please step up and do your part to save this community-  the Census literally helps to save lives.

Starting this week we need your help:
  • We have Census CRR's who will be at several of our multi unit buildings to increase Census participation. Anyone who wants to help recruit residents to fill out the Census at these locations, or at any community events to distribute literature please advise
  • We need banners hung in various areas throughout the city on fences
  • We need HP Census literature deployed to all of the businesses throughout the city to support our community partners
  • We need all of your social media platforms to post about the Census for the next 3 weeks and Share information with your networks
  • We need phone bankers to help make calls with our phone banking partners
  • We also need community leaders to pass out Census material to their neighbors on their blocks
Any resources, people's support would be much appreciated. Email to share how you want to activate and if you plan to help Highland Park be successful.

Remember - Parkers Matter




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