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Boards, Commissions, & Committees

Planning Commissioners

Historic District

  Historic District Study Committee Report and Proposed Ordinance

  2010 Master Plan
  Zoning Ordinance Adopted July 18, 2011

Mayor Hubert Yopp, Ex. Officio
Commissioner Barbara Willis, Chair
Vice Chair - Vacant
Commissioner Karla R. Marshall
Commissioner Samuel J. Billington
Commissioner Cleophus Pye
Commissioner Jamal Thomas
Commissioner Paul Motley
Commissioner Jeff Glotta

TIFA Board Members

  TIFA Act

Mayor Hubert Yopp, Ex. Officio
Theresa Johnson, Chair
Gregoire Eugene Louis, Vice Chair
Devin Gough, Secretary
Catherine Perkins
Kathy Ramsey

Police and Fire Commissioners

R.J. Watkins
Michael Curis
Brenda Hicks
Rev. Julius C. Hope (inactive)

Application for Boards and Commissions 2019